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Game Entry for the Nordic Game Jam 2016. Theme: LEAK!

Watch the game video here!!!

тонет советская подводная лодка - Sinking Soviet Submarine is an assymetric local cooperative game: You and your friend are in charge of a damaged submarine. The water is leaking inside!! Try to reach the longest distance before sinking!

Player 1 controls the submarine. Avoid mines and destroy them with torpedos. Don't crash the mines or the water in the submarine will leak faster!


WASD: move the submarine

SPACE: shoot torpedo

Player 2 is in charge of the engine room. Pump the water out of the submarine or it will sink! But you also have to repair the engine or the player 1 couldn't move and, of course, yo have to reload the torpedos!


LEFT / RIGHT: select position (Engine, pump, torpedos)

UP: activate position (repair engine, pump water, reload torpedo)


Programming and design: Emilio José L. Joyera.

Art and audio: Carlos Corella Palomares


  • Ingame: [The Sacred War] A. Alexandrov, lyrics: V. Lebedev-Kumach; 1941
  • Intro: Strat Kat

Some open source graphics taken from Freepik.es

Published Apr 09, 2016
TagsArcade, Local Co-Op, Score Attack, underwater
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2

Install instructions

Download the zip, uncompress it on a folder, and run the .exe file


Sinking Soviet Submarine (zipped) 30 MB

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